Welcome to Energetic Marketing Int (M) SDN. BHD.

The Company

Energetic Marketing Int (M) SDN. BHD. is launched with an aim to excel in the field of Network Marketing, which many believe is the future of the world sales. Leading international network companies are now operating in e-commerce mode, with some ranking in top ten of world e-commerce trade.

EMI is also an e-commerce based network marketing company. Based in the most technologically-advance Muslim country, Malaysia, it has started its operations in April 2011, with a simple concept of distributing quality products at highly competitive prices through a unique Network Marketing system. Within days of its launch it has expanded exponentially. Keeping in view the starting pace it has the potential to grow and become one of Asia's largest Network Marketing companies in not too distant future.

The Philosophy

The EMI formula is simple and easy to execute. It aims in helping thousands of its members to achieve tremendous financial success and engaging large number of people in productive earning activities across many borders.

EMI believes is empowering people to earn independently. Through its rigorous training programs people get constant interaction and learning opportunities to help grow and generate their business.

The People

People are the most cherished asset of EMI. Our commitment is to create and provide a caring, enriching and rewarding environment for our members as well as our employees.

The Customers

EMI understand that without customers every thing will be futile. Every single customer is important to us. It is our commitment to constantly and attentively listen to our customers, wherever they are and from whatever category they belong. We understand their changing needs and provide them with excellent value-for-money products and services with a pro-active approach.

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